Ice and fire two days of repair table line

Release date:2017-05-24


   "Three rounds of a ring" is the fifties and sixties of last century, each family want to have household goods, in that era, whether with sewing machines, bicycles, watches, radios, the four pieces is an important indicator of family living standards one. Came into being, home appliances, watches, bicycle repair has become the most fire of the times a few jobs.

   A few decades have passed, "four big pieces" on behalf of the things that have changed the number of generations, and like repair watches such industries are also facing a huge change.

   Still adhere to the "Li Ji Xi table shop"

   Beijing West Gate Street in Beijing, there is such a shop, inside and outside the two rooms, the front house is a grocery store, full of people, really bustling. While the back room is another heaven and earth. Less than ten square meters of a room, a variety of wall clocks covered with walls, leaning against the walls, stood full of two glass cabinets all kinds of alarm clock, clock, the door is a look old Of the table, table lamp open, illuminated a variety of watch accessories on the table. An old man sitting in a chair straight, upper body slightly tilted, looking at the side of the cage to raise the starling.

   Old man surnamed Li, is a repair watchmaker, 90 years old he was engaged in repair table industry has been the rest of my life. According to the elderly's wife introduced, in 1972, Li Ji Xiu shop officially opened to business, and now has a full 42 years. This few decades, the master of the watch from the clock to the electronic, from the clock to the watch, no one is fine, nothing Formal craftsmanship and firm belief that the repair shop has become the only one from the seventies came the individual repair shop. Master Li Although the old ripe old age, but the eyes are still very good, although the eyes have shown the old state, but the eyes are still God.

   Master Lee's wife said that when the clockwork popular, Master Lee can easily deal with the problems of watches and clocks, but with the watch style and function changes, Master Li's skills seem to keep up with the trend of the times. The pointer to the watch is changed from the original only to the time of the second needle into the current stroke with a daily calendar or even a high degree of temperature. This change, so that even with superb skills to repair the master Li also quite a headache.

   Age increase, plus here to repair the table less and less people, so that a small repair shop also encountered a crisis, again and again, Li family decided to repair the original shop is divided into two, the first half of the store with For the grocery store, and the back room is still part of the master Li is responsible for repairing the table business, but also only some simple work to replace the battery. "This way, also considered to reduce the burden of some life." Master Li's wife told reporters.

Business hot "Neuchâtel"

   The replacement of the watch is not just the watch style and function changes, more changes from the consumer experience. Like to buy the Swiss table consumers must know that is located in Jianguomen Naxitaier watch repair center, where Beijing is the only Swiss brand watches the only maintenance center, as long as the Tissot, Longines, the United States, Swatch and other formal channels Buy the Swiss brand watches, can be here for testing and maintenance.

   As a result of the selection of Nashatail as a service brand of many after-sales service providers, so come here to repair and maintenance of the watch customers are often able to not crowded the lounge. Because here Sunday is not open, so on Saturday, when waiting for the repair of watches are often the most, and even will be routed to three or four hundred. Even so, the maintenance center staff will still be in an orderly manner to their work, testing, assessment, maintenance, four windows at the same time open, still can not meet customer needs.

   Here, the customer called to the number of customers will first be their own watches to the staff to detect the need to detect the watch after the detection by professional equipment, the shape, movement, case, dial and other aspects of the situation in detail recording. After the initial test results are obtained, the staff will communicate with the customer and decide whether to carry out maintenance or repair. Subsequently, the staff will watch to the professional maintenance staff for maintenance or repair. The time spent in maintenance is usually between one and three months, after the repair is completed, the customer can choose to come to the table or by the logistics company to send the watch to the customer.

Here repair the watch customers are mostly in pursuit of the Swiss watch the quality, therefore, in their own watches for repair and maintenance, will first choose these Swiss brand official repair center. Part of the reason for these customers is because they come here to repair part of the watch after-sales service, and a considerable part of the reason is because companies like Neuchâtel is also a symbol of quality assurance.