Swiss watch factory competition "hidden rules"

Release date:2017-05-24

Selected from: the British "Financial Times" Chinese network, Author: Ding Fang


   Traditional Swiss high-end watches pay attention to the orderly, even in the face of competitors must also be in a polite way to do all kinds of actions, abrupt indecisive behavior for the circle of colleagues is not shame The Understand the background, those who adhere to the traditional watch factory was regarded as very strange behavior, we can get a more reasonable explanation.

   Give the most simple example of it, by the collection circle more and more hot, over the years there have been manufacturers to introduce a full range of classical doctors table - explain, the doctor table is divided into two categories, a class of relatively old varieties are With a long and eye-catching independent second hand to facilitate the medical staff to measure the pulse rate of the patient, the other is more recent but more mainstream doctor table is added with the so-called pulse meter quick measurement of the chronograph, the latter in addition to a measurement conversion Logo circle, technically with the ordinary chronograph is no different - in the chronograph is still relatively rare a few decades ago, the doctor table is not only expensive, and often only a small group of doctors such as people, so today's antique possession Home for its rush and not particularly surprising, and manufacturers have introduced a new doctor's table is a natural thing. However, even the doctor table more and more easy to sell, which is always limited to Patek Philippe, Omega and so few in the history of the manufacturer to create a doctor's name factory, the new rival is Longines, but also very Because of their own chronograph in terms of glorious history and win the praise of buyers. In contrast, Montblanc does not have this tradition, and through the movement to create the connoisseur of the United States and China's participation, and gradually let people accept the "old face" under the "new brand."

   Not the other for the possession of new markets are also very much craving watch manufacturers are not able to print on the dial pulse marking circle, but in the peer pressure of public opinion, mature buyers in the professional opinion of the views, and keep the traditional distribution Business and other factors under the joint action, so that the doctor table has been in a rare state, naturally there will not be flooded out of control phenomenon. Similar situation also appeared in the Breitling professional flight schedule time circle, Kunlun's flag flag navigation table, Movado art atmosphere of the museum table and other famous style. Peer most will be careful not to touch it too much. Further, the Swiss watch industry industry, in fact, different brands have their own "border", although each of the "territory" often overlap each other, but the order is also an indisputable fact.

   Give a few of the most obvious examples of powerful technical Rolex, Omega now do not get involved in three areas such as table, and Patek Philippe for a hot and then the tourbillon is not very attention, but stressed that the precision of their products only Introduced several simple Tourbillon watch. In many Swiss watch people there, it seems that the historical tradition also constitutes a similar qualification such a problem, although today's production technology has made some special watch manufacturing is not particularly complicated, but those in this area has Deep traditions of peers are clearly more qualified to develop here. Even if you want to enter a similar new areas, but also must find a clever entry point, as far as possible not completely new attitude and the elderly face competition.

   Of course, the so-called eligibility has been relatively vague, is a convention, in time, limited qualifications of the border may be beyond recognition. However, it is with this gentle style of peer competition in the form of competition, will let the Swiss watch industry has maintained a number of brands of Huaihua, each have their own inherent site situation, but also to the Swiss watch more worthy of the experts to in-depth study To discuss.